Super Series 2021 Finale

It was a different feeling this year, waking up in Shannonville on the Saturday morning. 

I stayed at the Salmon River Motel, just a stones throw away from the track. 

When I stepped out of my room at 8:30 in the morning, I could hear the roaring of engines, the shifting of gears, the sounds that I love, the sounds of racing. 

When I began my brief drive to the gates of the track, I left my radio off, and just listened out the window to the ever-louder hum of the bikes speeding down the front straight. 

As I approached the gate to Shannonville Motorsport Park, I felt a rush of excitement. After almost exactly a year, I was faced with live racing once again. 

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Super Series 2020 Season Finale at Shannonville

Super Series 2020 Finale at Shannonville Motorsport Park - Ken Foley blazes down the front straight.

It has been a long time since motorcycle racing was really on my radar. I remember watching MotoGP at my grandmother’s house near the end of Valentino Rossi‚Äôs early 2000s dominance. I have grown up my entire life around motorcycles, mostly Harleys, yet I had never come to appreciate just how magnificent they are in a racing environment until I arrived at Shannonville on Saturday for the Super Series season finale.

GReddy Shift Knob Type A Review – Worth $100?

GReddy Shift Knob Review

GReddy is one of the OGs in the JDM tuning scene. It is a subsidiary of Trust, a company founded in 1977. It has become one of the most recognized names on the market through its performance parts and motorsport achievements.

I came across the GReddy Type A Shift Knob while looking for ways to improve the shift feel of my 1991 Toyota MR2. Upon seeing the US$92 price tag, I wondered if there is something special about this shift knob or is it just a generic product with a cool logo.

For the sake of journalism and consumer advice, I decided to order one and find out.

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