Cars N’ Coffee Toronto 2016 Finale – Hosted by Engineered Automotive

Porsche 958 & Lamborghini Diablo

Canadian Car Culture – the Last Cars N’Coffee in 2016

As we approach October, car enthusiasts up North are all dreading the upcoming winter season (well, maybe except the Subaru guys).  It also means that last Sunday’s Cars n’ Coffee Toronto at Engineered Automotive was the last of the year.

Being the season finale, EA was kind enough to extend the event to run from 8AM to 1PM.  Throughout the day, over 300 cars showed up for the event.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for long and missed out on the showstopping black Ferrari F40 that was escorted in by a pair of 488s.  Apparently this is the same Bingo Sports World car from Japan that made its round on the web a while back!

For those that missed out this year, make sure to keep an eye out for this event next year.  The fine folks at Engineered Automotive have also launched a forum for the Cars n’ Coffee event to help you stay connected.   Thanks for hosting such an awesome event, it’s always great to be reminded of what an amazing car scene we have in the GTA.

Lotus Evora – Spiritual Successor to the Original Acura NSX?

Lotus Evora Sports Racer

Lightweight, V6 Powered MR Sportscar.  Are We Talking About The Lotus Evora Or Acura NSX?

Acura NSX vs. Lotus Evora

Zygrene published a video review of the Lotus Evora S comparing the British sportscar to the first generation Acura NSX.  I can’t believe this comparison never clicked in my head as both cars look eerily similar on paper: mid-engine, rear wheel drive, V6 powered lightweight sportscars.

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