GReddy Shift Knob Type A Review – Worth $100?

GReddy is one of the OGs in the JDM tuning scene. It is a subsidiary of Trust, a company founded in 1977. It has become one of the most recognized names on the market through its performance parts and motorsport achievements.

I came across the GReddy Type A Shift Knob while looking for ways to improve the shift feel of my 1991 Toyota MR2. Upon seeing the US$92 price tag, I wondered if there is something special about this shift knob or is it just a generic product with a cool logo.

For the sake of journalism and consumer advice, I decided to order one and find out.

Finding a Shift Knob for the Toyota MR2

The previous owner of my MR2 installed a Momo leather steering wheel and shift knob that perfectly complements the interior. Although I love the period-correct aesthetics, I was unhappy with how the shifter felt rowing through the gears.

Gear changes on the E153 5-speed manual transmission are notchy and require deliberate effort to change gears. The Momo knob does not complement the shift feel of the car due to its short and stubby shape.

The problem was especially noticeable during 3-2 and 5-4 downshifts. The Momo shift knob is a fist shape which tapers inwards in the front. It felt very awkward guiding the shifter to the lower gears while attempting to heel-toe.

After looking at a wide variety of options such as TRD, Tom’s and even some Alibaba specials, I decided a tall and skinny design would best suit the shifter location and feel of the MR2. That’s when I came across the High Type A Shift Knob from GReddy.

GReddy Type A Shift Knob

The Type A GReddy shift knob is a retro design patterned after the TRUST/GREX sequential shifters from the 90s.

I ordered the High Type A01 version that sits higher above the shifter threads. It is designed to fit 5-speed manuals such as my SW20 as well as some 6-speeds without reverse gear lock-out.

GReddy also offers a Low Type A02 with threads higher up on the knob and mounts lower on the shifter, suitable for many 6-speeds with reverse lock-out like the FRS/BRZ and Subaru WRX/STI.

GReddy High Type A01 Shift Knob

As expected of a made-in-Japan product from GReddy, the build quality is absolutely top notch. The billet CNC polished aluminum shift knob shines brilliantly and really stands out in the 29-year old interior. I felt guilty touching it with my grubby hands, like handling a piece of jewelry without gloves.

The blue anodized aluminum GReddy badge fits tightly on top with an o-ring. Also included is a set of five decals matching the shift pattern of your car.

GReddy has also designed this shift knob with approximately 30mm height adjustment range (15mm for the Low Type version). Simply thread the shifter to the desired height, and install the jam nut from the top using the included allan wrench.

Three different thread adapters are included in the box: M10x1.25 (Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi and Mazda), M10x1.5 (Honda/Acura) and M12x1.25 (Toyota, Lexus, Scion and Subaru). The listed applications are general and some models may have unique threading.

Additional accessories available are the Ti shift knob badge and carbon pattern silicon cover.


GReddy Type A Shift Knob installed in a Toyota MR2 SW20

On one hand, I have never been able to justify paying a premium for dress-up accessories. On the other hand, the driver touches the steering wheel and shifter every time they enter the car. It makes sense to splurge a bit to enhance the experience.

I was skeptical any shift knob was worthy of an almost $100 price tag. I changed my mind as soon as I ripped through the gears. The diamond shape feels comfortable with all types of grip. Weighing in at about 0.45 lbs, it added some much needed mass and leverage to the shifter. It is currently mounted to the lower position, but I am planning to try raising it higher.

The style and quality of the GReddy shift knob added some welcome pizzazz in the retro interior of the MR2. It certainly is not the most expensive JDM shift knob on the market, yet it has a lot of useful features like its height-adjustable design and compatibility for shifters with different threads and pitch.

I was expecting to experience a little buyer’s remorse, but GReddy took me by surprise with the Type A shift knob. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to enhance the shift feel and interior aesthetics of their car.

  • Manufacturer: GReddy
  • Product: GReddy Type A Shift Knobs – Polished
  • Fitment: M10x1.25, M10x1.5 and M12x1.25 (Most JDM applications)
  • Installed Weight: 197-203g (Type A01), 188-194g (Type A02)
  • MSRP: US$92.00
  • Purchased From: Alpha Motorsport
  • Part Number: 14500571 (High Type A01), 14500572 (Low Type A02)

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