Motorama 2019 Custom Car and Motorsports Expo – After Show Report

Drift Jam – Drift Cars from the Local Drifting Community

NV Auto’s “Supraru”, driven by Riley Sexsmith, is definitely one of the most iconic drift cars from the Great White North.

Subaru purists should turn away now. Under the hood of the orange Impreza is a turbocharged Toyota 2JZ-GTE. For the sake of maximum angles, the famous Subaru asymmetrical AWD system has been converted to RWD.

LS swaps are relatively commonplace now, but very few transplants are as clean as this widebody NA Mazda Miata. The rest of the car is also pristine, matching the quality of the 6.2L LS V8 transplant.

The rest of the Drift Jam booth consists of Toyota powered BMW’s and Honda powered Toyota’s.

The red E46 drift wagon has a 2JZ engine swap, and the blue M3 coupe is powered by a 1JZ.

Pat Cyr’s (of Cyrious Garageworks fame) Honda F20C powered Toyota AE86 and the green SR20 Trueno continue the theme of interracial harmony.

Tucked away in the corner is yet another, you guessed it, engine swapped AE86 coupe armed with turbocharged F20C S2000 engine.

Drift Jam runs two different formats of drift days in Ontario. Their “Good Vibes” drift days on an open track. On the other hand, “Group D” events are competitive drift tournaments with the 16 top drivers from the day.

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