Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow – Not Quiet the Special Edition we were Hoping for

Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow – Unique Paint Job, Performance Package Limited to 500 Units

2017 Subaru BRZ Series.YellowAfter teasing us with a picture of a yellow BRZ earlier, Subaru brought the BRZ Series.Yellow to Wicked Big Meet.

Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow BadgeLimited to 500 cars, it will have an exclusive yellow color with interior accents and black wheels.

Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow WheelsAll Series.Yellow will be equipped with the Performance Package that includes Brembo brakes (4 pistons front, 2 pistons rear) and SACHS performance shocks.  Sadly there is no further power bump from the 2017s.

Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow Dash with Performance DisplayThe Series.Yellow will also receive the standard 2017 updates such as revised exterior, lower final drive ratio and 6.2″ Subaru Starlink Multimedia system.

Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow LED HeadlightThe new yellow paint, upgraded interior and Performance Package are nice but it’s not quiet the what we were hoping for.  With stagnant sales, it would make sense to try and revitalize the BRZ with a bit more firepower like a proper STI trim level.

Subaru BRZ STI ConceptThe aftermarket is already rampant with performance parts and it’s clear that there are lots of BRZ/GT86 owners looking to squeeze more out of their cars.  With formidable opponents such as the Focus ST, GTI or even the V6 Camaro and Mustang, the Toyoburu has stiff competition in its price segment.

Photo Credit: Subaru

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