Year of the Toyota Supra – SEMA 2019

The aftermarket industry was already hard at work before the first customer even took delivery of their 2020 Toyota Supra . Much like its predecessor, the revival of Toyota’s legendary sportscar was destined to dominate SEMA.

Toyota GR Supra Heritage Edition

Toyota celebrated the 40th anniversary of Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The manufacturer brought a whole fleet of GR Supras to ensure they were not outdone. Some are built to pay homage to the legendary MKIV, while others are purpose-built racing machines developed for the track.

The GR Supra Heritage Edition is a perfect example of the former. Hints of its predecessor are obvious as soon as you look at the car. The reshaped headlights and circular taillights were dead giveaways. The aggressive aero kit from Toyota’s Motorsports Technical Center, LG Motorsports and Cripworks along with the lowered stance and staggered HRE P107SC is reminiscent of the Toyota FT-1 Concept from 2014.

Toyota partnered with Precision Turbo & Engine to make sure the Heritage Edition has the firepower to back up its looks. A reworked turbocharger, intake, exhaust and remap bumps the out of the BMW sourced 3.0L inline six to 500 hp.

MKV Supra TRD 3000GT

GR Supra 3000GT at SEMA 2019

Any self-respecting JDM fanboy would remember the MKIV Supra TRD 3000GT. It had the same widebody kit as the Japanese Grand Touring Championship (JGTC, now known as Super GT) GT500 racecar. Symmetrical triangular and rectangular hood vents and tall rear wing were the distinguishing features of the 3000GT.

GR Supra 3000GT at SEMA 2019

Toyota Customizing & Development paid homage to the iconic TRD version with the GR Supra 3000GT. The car’s distinct hood vents and rear wing were dead giveaways to its lineage.

The build also features performance parts from well-known Japanese companies, such as a HKS custom built exhaust, Tein Street Advanced Z coilover suspension, TWS Motorsport RS317 forged 19″ wheels and BRIDE Xero CS racing seats.

Supra HyperBoost Edition

Toyota Supra HyperBoost at SEMA 2019, commissioned by Rutledge Wood

Lucky Leos 17 Motorsports built the aptly named “HyperBoost” 750 hp Supra based on the vision of Rutledge Wood, NASCAR analyst and broadcaster. The turbocharger is upgraded to a Boost Logic BL Supra 750 Package.

Externally, the build features a 20 piece carbon fiber widebody kit, Brembo front brakes, and KW V3 coilovers lowered on Litespeed Racing 3 piece wheels. Staying true to its roots, the car is finished in TRD Cement Grey.

Toyota GAZOO Racing Supra – Built for the Racetracks

As its name suggests, Toyota GAZOO Racing (GR) is the Japanese manufacturer’s motorsport division. Drawing from their experience with the TS050 Hybrid LMP-1 program, Toyota GR is turning their focus on the Supra platform.

Toyota Supra GT4 at SEMA 2019

First up is the GR Supra GT4. Developed to compete in series such as the IMSA Michelin SportsCar Challenge, SRO GT Challenge and Canadian Touring Car Championship, it would compete with other cars in the GT4 class such as the Audi R8, BMW M4, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Porsche Cayman.

Toyota Supra Gazoo Racing at SEMA 2019

Toyota teased the GR Supra Racing Concept to the public before the release of the road car. Built without class constraints, the Racing Concept is bolder than the GT4. It bears more semblance to the Super GT GT500 car with its aggressive aero kit. Added to Gran Turismo Sport in 2018, players were able to drive the Racing Concept virtually on PlayStation.

Toyota Supra Performance Parts


GReddy Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

GReddy lived up to its reputation as one of the best aftermarket performance product manufacturers. In merely two months, the team completed and dyno tuned their incredible MKV Supra drift car!

GReddy Toyota Supra Drift Car at SEMA 2019

Under the hood, the factory B58 inline six has been heavily reworked with components like a CPC intake manifold, front mount intercooler, single upgraded radiator, MoTeC standalone ECU and an EFR turbocharger setup to send 650 hp through a six-speed sequential gearbox. As the US Pandem distributor, GReddy naturally installed their widebody kit on their drift car.

As one of the most complete A90 builds of the show, GReddy’s drift car earned several awards from the show. In addition to the Super Street SEMA Ultimate Award, it also won Toyota’s Best ’20 GR Supra of SEMA.


Whiteline Suspension Upgrade Parts for Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

Whiteline, best known for their suspension upgrade parts, introduced their A90 Supra anti-roll kit featuring solid anti-sway bars and adjustable end links. The solid bars are significantly stiffer than the hollow OEM tubular bars, even though they are the same diameter. The Whiteline kit is also adjustable with different mounting points so the driver can fine tune their preferred handling balance.


AFE Power Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

Moving back to the engine bay, aFe POWER installed some upgrades designed to help the B58 motor breath freely. This includes a prototype Takeda Momentum intake, catback exhaust with carbon fiber tips, Street Series downpipe, SCORCHER GT ECU power module and intercooler tubes.

AFE Power Toyota Supra MKIV vs. MKV at SEMA 2019
The plump rear end of the Supras must have compelled the gentleman on the left to join in as well!

Surprisingly, aFe POWER were the only ones to display a MKIV Supra next to the MKV. For example, it would have been a treat to see the original and modern TRD 3000GT next to each other.

TRMNL A90 Supra

The TRMNL A90 was the lone Supra at Toyo Tirese Treadpass, a collaboration between Daniel Song and Jonny Grunwald. With a Pure700 turbo upgrade, the Pandem widebody build puts down 672 hp and 625 lb-ft through a set of sticky Toyo R888Rs.

R1 Concepts

R1 Concepts Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

At this point, it is obvious that the Supra does not struggle to make more power. To improve stopping power and reduce fade, performance brake parts manufacturer R1 Concepts displayed their R1 Forged Series Big Brake Kit on their widebody A90.

Toyota Supra Wheels

An advantage of the A80 is that it shares the same chassis and bolt pattern as the BMW Z4. The stock GR Supra wheels are 19×9 with +32 offset in the front, and 19×10 +40 in the rear. It uses the same 5×112 bolt pattern commonly found on BMWs.

Rays Engineering

Mackin Industries Nitro Yellow Toyota Supra with Rays G025 Wheels and Pandem Widebody - SEMA 2019

Mackin Industries, importer of brand such as Rays Engineering, Yokohama Wheel Design, Project Kics, MXP exhaust systems and Project Mu products, displayed the new Rays Engineering Grams Lights G025 wheels on the Auto Tuned Nitro Yellow Toyota Supra.

Pandem is one of the few companies that has commercially available widebody kits for the A90. Thus, it is no surprise to see so many builds using their product. The Auto Tuned car does feature some custom pieces that stand out, such as the carbon fiber front lip, side skirts and rear diffuser.


At the SSR booth there was another Pandem widebody Supra. Put together by Autofashion, the car shows off the new SSR Professor SPX 3 piece wheels and Revel coilover suspension. They also put some personal touches on the kit, such as the front fender vents and GT wing.


Toyota Supra Rohana Forged Wheels Pandem Widebody at SEMA 2019

Rohana Wheels had @slowgtr‘s Pandem widebody Supra on display. The Airlift suspension drops the car onto a set of three piece forged RFG11s with brushed black platinum face and gloss black step lip.

RSR Forged

RSR Forged Wheels Yellow Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

RSR Forged Wheels introduced their new forged wheels on the highlighter yellow Premium Auto Styling car. A set of Diamond Grey R-905s fit perfectly under the stock fenders, upsized to 20×9.5 and 20×11.

Unfortunately I did not have much time to fully explore the show floor. I missed out on other great builds such as the HKS Supra pictured above.

SEMA was a great example of how agile the aftermarket performance industry is. There must have been close to twenty GR Supras put on display. Manufacturers and shops had these projects completed for the show in very little time. All of the cars from last year merely touched the surface of the A90’s tuning potential. Supra fans will certainly be in for a treat by the time SEMA 2020 rolls around.

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